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*Scan and send your ID card. 
*Video files,Images,any two Witnesses and News Paper cuttings. 
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Mayur Bharatsing Girase  Abeesh P Dominic Soham Mukhopadhyay Anuradha  Gattem Venkatesh  Binod Adhikari K. SAM VIJAI Vinay Bhanawat
About Us 

Running Everest World Records
Everest World Records is running under supervision and leadership of Mr. Mathura Shrestha, a musical world record holder and renowned musician.

Necessity of Everest World Records
Everest World Records is the first project of its kind in Nepal. Named after the world's Tallest pick Mt. Everest , EWR is necessary for extraordinary people of all ages, races and groups.
Size of the certificates 
The size of the Everest World Records certificate is Width 10 inches,Height 14 inches( Updated : 14th August,2016)

1) How should record application be submitted?
Record Application should be submitted online.

2) Which type of record is accepted fast?
EWR immediately accepts creative,brave & wonderful records which must lie between human criteria.

3) Is every sent application accepted by EWR?
Only selected record idea is accepted, if not accepted we do not send further emails.

4) How does EWR approve records?
EWR triggers approval only after a depth scientific research.

5) Where should I send complete evidence at?
Send us your complete documents with evidences at
Everest World Records
Kathmandu, Nepal
G.P.O: 19239


6) How & when will I get confirmation Email ?
When your record idea is researched with full documents & evidences by Mr. Mathura shrestha, EWR will send you an Official Everest World Records confirmation Email from: