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Regd. in Nepal No. 88864
Amit Murarka ( Date of birth 23/01/1986) Rajasthan,India has collection 1701 coins from 77 nations and ........More
Panchshil School Rajkot,Gujarat,India, organized exhibition of more than 3000 photographs of Mahatma Gandhi,1200 creative art, postal stamps from various countries........More
Satyasaibabu.vallabhaneni (DOB.1-11-1967) Guntur,Andhrapradesh,India has been giving different shapes to coconut shells, he made 300 different shapes......More
Surendra Kumar Jangir ( DOB. 1-8-1978 ) Nalpur,India has made Shri Bhakt Puranmal Chalisa - Wooden Book (Size : 4.253.251 inch), binding with three woden rings........More
Amit Murarka ( Date of birth 23/01/1986) Rajasthan,India  has a large collections B.C.Era`s Coin,Smallest Gold Coin,Currency Notes and Coins from `Obselete` nations and Smallest Currency Note........More
Michael Furrh (DOB-1968/02/22) Texas,USA has made the Longest Usable Golf Club measuring 22ft 6.75in ( 6.87 m) which was demonstrated at ........More
Received my record book today! I looks great!!! I never expected a full page in color dedicated to each record. Thank you.  
Brad Byers,USA
Mon, May 9, 2016 at 10:14 AM

hello sir the world record book-2016 is very nice.
Darrell Smith,USA
Sat, May 7, 2016 at 10:01 PM
Harimohan Singh Aithani ( DOB : 01-02-1975 ) Uttarakhand, India has written 48000 handmade magic squares which took 1260 hours from........More
Mrs Laxmi Sharma ( DOB : 1951 December 18 ) Maharajgung,Kathmandu,Nepal first woman Auto Rickshaw driver of the........More
Peace and Reconstruction Minister of Nepal Ek Nath Dhakal and Founder/Research Director Mathura Shrestha released Mrs Laxmi Sharma's ( First woman Auto Rickshaw driver of the world) Everest World Records Certificate at Royal Palace,Raj Durbar Kathmandu,Nepal.
International Illusionist DR.GUGAMPOO  from Kuwait  has done Seven Magic Shows from 1.30 to 9 pm........More
Simardeep Kour Gandhi ,Ravleen Kour Singh Gandhi and Gurpreet Singh Gandhi( Sisters and Brother) of Berasia,Bhopal,India has collection........More
Amar Jeet Singh Gandhi ( DOB : 13.04.1974) of Berasia,Bhopal (M.P),India has a collection of 1541 articles related to "EK ONKAR"........More
M.S. Raj Mohan from India has set Longest Solo Cooking Marathon from December 19, 2015 till December 21, 2015 in Hotel Poppys, Madurai,Tamilnadu, India........More