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Everest Book of World Records   2017- 5th Edition   
will be published on 14th April,2017
Who is eligible for Everest Outstanding Achievement (EOA) ? 

Everest World Records does not only approve extra ordinary abilities but also respects and expose different adorable deeds of people in social,national as well as international arena and some people with exceptional features too.
1. EOA certificate is granted to a person who has donated blood for at least 25 times.
2. Any individual from any country,who has made his/her country known in the world with his/her talents.
3. Any doctor/nurse/health worker who has continuously served in medical field in rural areas of their country.
4. Anyone who has been contributing towards education sector of their country for over 25 years.
5. A person who has successfully brought the lighat of internet facility in a rural area/village of their country.
6. Personality or organization that has worked hard on changing the society.
7. Artist and celebrities who have organized at leat 10 charity programs for the poor and privileged.

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